ThinkingApp Demo

ThinkingApp! Demo

ThinkingApp! for PreK-2nd grades helps children make wiser decisions through an interactive mobile app using SEL and restorative justice principles.

Both in English and Spanish, ThinkingApp helps students explore feelings, self-regulation, manners, problem-solving and success tools. Teachers/parents help students get to the heart of the matter through a teacher dashboard, I Feel Report, Parent’s Guide and other supportive tools.

Benefits for schools:

  • Disciplinary incidences are handled in the classroom
  • Foundational lessons are provided at younger ages
  • Supports students, teachers and parents
  • Accessible and usable by a wide range of children

Benefits for teachers:

  • SEL and restorative justice content
  • Interactive e-books are for whole class or individual personalized instruction.
  • Teachers review responses and have a more informed discussion with the student.
  • Content is personalized to the developmental level/skills of each child

Benefits for students:

  • A disruptive student uses the app to calm down and tell their side of the story
  • A calm student learns manners, problem-solving and other success skills
  • Provides a safe and caring learning environment

Benefits for parents

  • Parents can easily participate in their children’s learning activities
  • A Parent’s Guide provides supportive activities for the home