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Meet ThinkingApp and reThinkIt!: Real-time “early detection systems” to help make schools safer.

Schools are no longer the safe havens students deserve. According to a study published in March 2018, 1 in 4 students feel unsafe at school – and it’s not just bullying. So how do you know your students are safe at school and mentally healthy?

With reThinkIt!, the system evaluates, learns and provides in-depth, real-time personality insights about often complex issues regarding a student's emotional and mental state, so you can quickly assess students' needs and provide appropriate interventions.

100% audible trail for parents and schools

Parent-teacher conferences are more informative now that teachers, counselors, principals and SRO's have productive, first-hand information from the student to share with parents and caregivers. reThinkIt! is proven to be a powerful tool to preserve money from improved student attendance and teacher retention.

Counselors and teachers are more effective

De-escalates classroom drama so you spend less time on classroom management and more time on academic teaching. Counselors can now more quickly address what’s going on with real-time, in-depth personality insights about complex issues regarding a students’ emotional and mental state.

Students reveal 5x more information to adults

Proven to show statistically significant reduction in emotional distress, reThinkIt! also gathers 5 times more information from students about what’s on their minds than they share face-to-face with adults.* It bypasses the “code of silence” uncovering negative intentions and alerting adults to potentially dangerous behaviors.

*OneSeventeen Media study results available upon request here.

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Replace a student’s time spent waiting to see an authority figure into an experience that is self reflective, positive and productive

For PreK to 2nd grade, ThinkingApp is “Time-Out Reimagined”

Solving the complex discipline issues associated with, well, being a kindergartener, ThinkingApp allows a teacher to quickly assign a disruptive student one or many interactive ebooks that fill the ‘time out’ with behavior-specific content – smoothly and efficiently – reducing valuable time away from the rest of the class. In both English and Spanish, ThinkingApp uses social emotional learning (SEL), trauma-informed and restorative justice principles.

For 3rd to 12th graders, reThinkIt! is “Advice Reimagined”
reThinkIt! supports solving complex issues for adolescents’ social emotional (SEL) well-being. Using evidence-based, personalized and predictive principles, reThinkIt!, in both English and Spanish, supplements school counseling and behavior management through a virtual mentor who guides the student through SEL, trauma-informed, restorative justice-based self-help interactive modules. When on-demand counseling is needed, a certified virtual counselor communicates via text conversations that any student can navigate on their own during school hours.

“reThinkIt! has been a great tool to help our teachers manage their classrooms, providing a secure way to de-escalate potential “classroom drama.”

Les Simpson, Director of Technology, Cedars International Next Generation High School


A proactive safety net between students and educators providing a unique approach to effectively supplement school counseling and classroom behavior management. reThinkIt! is a reliable, trusted intermediary delivering hard-to-get insight into what’s going on with a student – whether at school, at home or on their own.

“I like how the mentors came on my screen and made me think about what was going on.” 5th grader


Learning is most effective when a child’s emotional distress is calm. ThinkingApp’s friendly chat bot, Minty, has a calming effect on youngsters. reThinkIt!’s certified virtual mentors work in conjunction with our library of interactive SEL-based content, dynamically tailoring advice and resources to each child’s specific needs. reThinkIt! is proven to show statistically significant reduction in students’ emotional distress.

reThinkIt! virtual mentors work in conjunction with our library of interactive content, dynamically tailoring advice and resources to each child’s specific needs.

“It’s really cool. I like how you can text to a real person.” 6th grader


ThinkingApp spares suspensions of your PreK to second grade students. It easily allows teachers to quickly assign any student needing a short time out an incident-specific ebook tailored to that child’s needs. This avoids the typical mass classroom disruption generally associated when a youngster acts out – saving teachers time and allowing smoother class continuity.

“Minty loves me.” Kindergartner


Today, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) mandates every US school to show at least one non-academic social and emotional learning (SEL) outcome per student. reThinkIt! and ThinkingApp are built to provide districts with the actionable metrics to both comply with the ESSA mandate and address students’ needs sooner.

“It tells you ideas to do. It like gives you a little light bulb in your head.” 8th grader

Ready to see where reThinkIt! and ThinkingApp will help improve your attendance and increase your school revenues?


“This is nice. You not only help fix the problem at hand, you guide students through how to address and be prepared for future issues to avoid the same things from happening again.”

Kevin Kerr, SEL Specialist, Texas
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