reThinkIt! App Demos

reThinkIt! App Demos

reThinkIt! for School Demo

reThinkIt! for School™, our proven mobile mental health platform, helps make middle and high school students emotionally healthier. Think of it as “advice reimagined” at a student’s fingertips, helping them better process their emotions and make wiser decisions on the fly – at school, at home, or on their own.

Powered by machine learning, reThinkIt! leverages its unique combination of:

  • a kid-smart, chatbot-driven conversation,
  • a real-time, self-guided Emotional Digital Triage™ Assessment, and
  • on-demand, live chat access to licensed mental health therapists and counselors, all intended to improve students’ social-emotional wellbeing by helping them feel heard, supported, and understood.

Both in English and Spanish, reThinkIt! automates the time-intensive parts of the mental health evaluation and triage process that bog down the more important – and essential – high-touch, people parts of nurturing healthy students and cultivating overall school wellness. 

Students provide 6 times more information through reThinkIt! than they share face-to-face with adults, all collected and measured in real-time to reduce caseloads for overworked student health professionals and alert adults to trends in individual and campus wellness. 

For schools with or without their own counselors or therapists, reThinkIt!’s unique flexibility provides forward-thinking administrators a pays-for-itself, cost effective, and easily customizable platform that meets students’ mental health needs no matter where they are emotionally at any given moment. 

A National Science Foundation Phase I grant, awarded in July 2022, funds our most recent research and development to further enhance reThinkIt!’s efficacy with U.S. middle school students.

Benefits for principals:

  • Elicits nearly 6 times more information from students for more effective in-person conversations,
  • Tracks students’ emotional and mental wellbeing and alerts adults to important trends in overall campus wellness
  • Improved Average Daily Attendance
  • Decreased in-school suspensions
  • Increased grade point averages

Benefits for teachers:

  • Improves teacher-student relationship
  • Provides personalized, real-time guidance to students in need so teachers can focus on the classroom
  • Documents a 100% auditable trail of the behavioral incident in the student’s own words
  • Creates more informative and effective parent conferences

Benefits for counselors:

  • Facilitates a statistically significant reduction in students’ emotional distress
  • Diminishes oversized caseloads that make it impossible for school counselors and psychologists to adequately meet students’ mental health needs
  • Serves as a “check engine light” for students’ social-emotional, mental, and overall well-being that uncomplicates all that complicates interactions between students and counselors and teachers

Benefits for students:

  • Meets them in their comfort zone with a tech-friendly tool
  • Removes stereotypes and treats everyone the same
  • Supports them in making wiser decisions 
  • Guides students with a time-tested Emotional Digital Triage to take more responsibility for their behavior
  • Creates more empathy and improved relationships with the adults in students’ lives