Mentor Dashboard Demo

Mentor Dashboard Demo

Product Demos for [re]ThinkIt! School Admin and Mentor Dashboards

[re]ThinkIt!’s administrative dashboards provide secure real-time measurable data with the click of a button. Secure data, meeting FERPA and HIPPA regulations. Student data remains on the school client side of our firewalls. OneSeventeen Media only sees de-identifiable data.

School dashboard benefits:

  • Customizable and personalized for each school
  • Data displayed in real-time
  • Student reports are housed in one place by student ID
  • Snapshot of what’s happening on campus and behavioral issues
  • Access to 24×7 help desk
  • An easy way to provide state mandated data requirements for behavioral and Every Student Success Act (ESSA)

Mentor dashboard benefits:

  • Allows [re]ThinkIt! Live Chat mentors real-time management of incoming text messages from students
  • Includes a digital triage notification system that notifies “red flag” behaviors triggering a real-time emotional triage process for the student with on-campus adults