[re]ThinkIt! App Demos

[re]ThinkIt! App Demo

[re]ThinkIt! for 3rd – 12th grade is “Advice Reimagined” at a student’s finger tips helping them make wiser decisions on the fly – at school, at home or on their own.

Both in English and Spanish, [re]ThinkIt!, is part on-demand text messaging with a Live Mentor and part self-help-driven interactive modules that guides students through a unique and evidence-based process to tell their side of the story.

Students provide 5 times more information through [re]ThinkIt! than they share face to face with adults. All collected and measured in real-time. The app is underpinned with predictive analytics combined with machine-based learning. A clever chatbot named Minty, guides students through the self-help portions. In addition, students have on-demand access for [re]ThinkIt!’s Live Chat Mentors.

Research findings from May 2017 reveal students using [re]ThinkIt! :

  • 5.4 emotions selected per student
  • Avg. app completion time 26 minutes
  • 54% accepted responsibility

Benefits for schools:

  • Increased daily attendance
  • Decreased in-school suspensions
  • Real-time measurable data on social emotional learning and restorative justice issues
  • Schools can receive 3 to 5 times more revenue from improvements in attendance
  • Increased grade point averages
  • Statistically significant reduction in students’ emotional distress

Benefits for teachers:

  • Decreased time spent on classroom management issues
  • Improved student relationships
  • A 100% auditable trail with live mentors
  • Parent conferences are more informative

Benefits for students:

  • A tool that meets them in their comfort zone and treats everyone the same
  • Helps students make wiser decisions on the fly
  • Students take more responsibility for their behavior
  • Students have more empathy and improved relationships with the adults in their life