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Most days, all kids need a little help figuring out life and how to get along with the people around them.

Kids easily get answers to their questions through text from their personally matched digital mentor.

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MyMobileMentor is a Digital First Responder helping kids take control of their life by learning the skills they need to persevere when life gets teenage-tricky.

By engaging kids with the social tools they already love and know how to use, they’re bringing an open mindset ready to engage and explore learning how to self-solve social emotional situations. 

Somebody bullying you at school? We’ve got your back. Got a relationship question? No problem. Want to hang out in a safer social space and talk movie making? That works too. With MyMobileMentor, kids can vent and invent is a safer space.

Check out a few of the features below for more info.

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“My mom’s going to let me have a mobile mentor because it’s private because you can only be on there since you requested it so she’ll let me be on there.” 7th grader

MyMobileMentor’s privately protected in-app mentors are real people answering questions in real-time.

A diverse group of certified health educators, social workers, and psychologists.

Non-judgmental. Accurate info that’s confidential.

MyMobileMentor helps tweens and teens take control of their life by working on the skills they need to persevere when the going gets teenage-tricky.

It takes into account their actions – past and present – making it intuitively at-the-ready just when it’s needed the most. 

MyMobileMentor has the bases covered with a social community built to help youth continue to grow and understand what they may be experiencing.

“It’s easier to believe in yourself when you work on your skills with others who believe in you too.”

when can u say u really <3 someone?

Love is a powerful emotion & can mean different things to different ppl so it’s a good thing u r asking first to understand what u r feeling then to...

Are you safe now? Have you been physically hurt? It’s normal to feel scared. Would you like to call me or..

what can i do to keep my bff from bullying me? i’m scared

For parents, MyMobileMentor comes with an easy to use real-time progress tracking dashboard, notifications, and the same access to mentors and your child’s information.

MyMobileMentor is for schools and parents too

MyMobileMentor for tweens and teens

For schools, MyMobileMentor is a fully integrated real-time, campus and in-classroom behavior management system.

It’s evidence-based and loaded with everything you need to reduce in-school suspensions,

alternative school transfers and dropouts. It’s equally affective for reducing bullying.

It’s also proven to reduce emotional distress and increase student GPA’s.

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