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Satisfying kids’ natural curiosity about life using the social media tools they love and already know how to use.

Designed to put kids first. Measuring to make sure it makes a big enough difference.

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Are our customers happy? Are they engaged? Are we creating the impact we aspire to? By measuring what matters, it follows that we ought to measure what matters most: are we not only generating financial returns, but also are we creating value for our customers, employees, community and the environment.

We’re committed to research and measurement.

Spread across all of our core products, we currently have more than 10 years of evidence-based research. And, have now engaged with more than 1.9 million students across the country. Check out some of the highlights below.

“I like how the mentors came on my screen and made me think about what was going on.” 5th grader

Students willing to look at things from a different point of view

Students showed decrease in emotional distress

Students learned how to make better choices

Students felt successful telling their side of the story

MyMobileMentor’s Interactive Dialogue




Students willing to take responsibility for their choices


MyMobileMentor’s SMS Service

MyMobileMentor has more than 7 Million Q/A in its database


Engaging more than

students in the U.S.

student questions


Fielded more than

MyMobileMentor’s Young Minds Digital Times Film|Music|Game Competitions

Youth participants



“It’s about using technology to help young people take some control toward becoming healthier in all aspects of their lives. Kids who are mentally and emotionally well are empowered to take positive risks such as going out for a sports team or completing a 5k. We can promote some of those things and let them celebrate the small victories of doing those kinds of simple, healthy behaviors.” 

Nikki Trevino

Former AHAI Program Coordinator

Austin/Travis County HHSD

“I know some of my boys befriended my girls and they don’t usually talk to each other. Throughout the day they kind of stick to their own things. You know with this [MyMobileMentor] it kind of helped facilitate a whole new conversation just between what are normally two groups of strangers in the same class. So that was exciting to see!”

After School Program Director

“That the kids behaved really well. That’s my surprise! That was their best behavior I promise you. I mean last week of school, my other classes are losing their minds and I think my 8th graders might be losing their minds in their other classes. But this [MyMobileMentor’s social network PlumbBrain] kept them interested to the point that they all behaved well. If they’re behaving and they’re not like being mean to me and not being mean to you, and they’re not all over the place screaming – they liked it. We had a another guest in here a couple of weeks ago and they weren’t on their best behavior. This was much better which I think means they like [using] technology in class.”

Middle School Teacher

“I like the daily challenges things it like made me think about things.”

“I like using the [MyMobileMentor] social network on my tablet with the class assignments making the video clips was fun too.”

“I want to get more points for badges on my next assignment that was cool.”

“You can keep in touch with the teachers like over summer I like that.”

“It avoids stalkers.”

“It’s a good thing that you guys have that [MyMobilMentor] because us kids can actually express their feelings without being picked on with other(s) getting involved.”

Middle School & High School Students

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