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MyMobileMentor makes kids’ lives better and easier to manage.

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MyMobileMentor is a student’s digital mentor that helps them see and self-solve social emotional situations – at school, at home or when on their own.

For students, MyMobileMentor is an on-demand, intuitively at-the-ready digital mentor in the palm of their hand. The suite of easy-to-use mobile apps helps them see and self-solve social emotional situations when they feel life is getting tricky.

For schools and parents, MyMobileMentor is a Digital First Responder.   By leveraging the technology kids love, it gets to the heart of the matter quicker, helping them make wiser decisions before they’re in deeper trouble. MyMobile Mentor is a fully integrated school discipline management system and classroom behavior management tool.

This student-tested, teacher-approved, evidence-based program helps students overcome challenges and persevere – turning dropouts into graduates. Students are happier. Schools are safer. Parents are kept up-to-date. It’s now proven with over 1.9 million students validating that kids will self-help.

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“MyMobileMentor helped my students a lot. It’s become their virtual question box.” Middle School Boys & Girls Club Director

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“This is an EdTech company brilliantly leveraging the very technology kids love to use anyway to develop those vital social and emotional skills proven essential for their long-term success.”

In order for real adolescent behavior change to happen, behavior management tools must be location and device agnostic. They must meet young people where they are at any given moment of distress. And, they must motivate them to want to change their behavior.

MyMobileMentor  gives young people a unique, safe and savvy way to use the very technology they love to use for everything else 24x7 – using technology to self-help on-demand.

Parents and teachers say, “It’s like having a virtual ‘Jiminy Cricket’ in the palm of a child’s hand.” They see it as simply using MyMobileMentor’s in-app texting to navigate any tween-teen-tricky situation.

Research shows 85% of school bullying cases have no intervention. That’s estimated to be more than 46.5 million students in the U.S. alone, many of whom turn to their friends or Google for advice to self-help – even before they talk to their parents or other trusted adults.