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How MyMobileMentor helps your students master making wiser decisions that result in reduced emotional distress and way less discipline problems, all while improving GPA’s to boot!

How teachers are spending more class time teaching and less time classroom managing, while seeing increased GPA’s and daily attendance dollars.

(We saved one public school over $100k.

Another charter school predicts they’ll save $145K.)

How you can easily – with one click – fulfill your Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) mandates.

So maybe it is time for you to really get some good sleep, resting assured, you’ve created a happier, thriving campus all while saving money –

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And, he’ll tell you how that school saved so much money that even they were surprised!

“MyMobileMentor helped my students a lot. It’s become their virtual question box.” Middle School Boys & Girls Club Director

“My daughter had had a frustrating day at school and MyMobileMentor helped her let go of her day and think rationally about how to face tomorrow.”

Lisa Hrabluk, parent, Canada